Elastic search is an open source search engine which is used for “full-text search”. It is the most popular enterprise search engine which provides a real-time search for your website. People searching for a specific product on a website facing the problem of search. Due to this, it takes more time in product information retrieval. Hence, this results in poor user experience and in reducing potential customer. “Joomla Elastic search” helps to increase traffic and visitors on your websites.

Furthermore to make the search more accessible for the customers, “Joomla Elastic Search” is developed. With the help of this extension, a customer is able to search any “Product” or “Article” faster than before. Also, this extension allows a customer to search a number of products in a less time.



  • Easy to configure “Elastic Search” into Joomla site.
  • Easily connected with the elastic server by simply entering “Host” and “Port” details.
  • Functionality to index “Joomla articles” and “VirtueMart products”.
  • Set “Single Match Query” or “Multi-Match Query” as search type.
  • Auto spell correction feature is provided.
  • Functionality to auto-suggest the search word.
  • Option to “Fall Back” on other search options is available within the site.
  • Filter option is provided to refine search results.
  • Set the width of the search box in percentage.
  • Set placeholder text to show on the search box.


         1. Basic Settings: This is the general settings of the extension. In this, enter the “Host” and “Port” details to connect to the Server.


         2. Search Settings: Given below various fields of “Search Settings”.

         A. Search Type: Set this field to “Single Match Query” for single attribute (Title/Product name) search. Similarly, set to “Multi-Match Query” for multiple attributes(Title/Product name/Product SKU/Product description) search

         B. Allow spell correction: This is used to correct the spelling of your query.

  •  Level 1: This is used to corrects the spelling of your query to only one character. For ex, if you search “Joonla” it corrects the spelling of “Joonla” to “Joomla”.
  •  Level 2: This is used to corrects the spelling of your query to two characters. For ex, if you search by nameJonsla it will correct spelling to “Joomla” by correcting two characters.
  •  Auto: This is used to auto-correct the spelling as per default settings are done in elastic search.
  •  Disabled: It will disable the spell correction.



        3. Module Settings: Here you can set the position of the module. You can test elastic search using the Module displayed on the page.




After successfully configure the settings you will find “Elastic Search” into the components. This section is used to index the “Article” of Joomla and “Products” of VirtueMart.

  1. Status: This shows the status of your “Elastic Search Server”.
  2. Mappings: This section shows the mapping of your indexed “Article” and “Products”.
  3. Types: Here you can index the “Content” and “Products”.



To show the Search results of “Elastic Search” at the storefront, a menu item will be added. For this go to the menu and add a menu item. After that fill the given fields.